The Blog

Prototype isn't your average style blog - it’s a positive lifestyle blog that encourages individuality, freedom and prosperity. To be a Prototype is to be an original or first model of yourself; someone who motivates others to be unique and eccentric. Through style features, inspiriting write-ups and every creative aspect in between, Prototype is here to incite us all to be the most beautiful and authentic versions of ourselves. 

The Blogger

Prototype's creator, Brittany Kelly, is a lover of all things creative. She is inspired by the unknown and the possibilities of the future. Believing that everyone has a purpose in this grand scheme of things, she believes that there's a lane for everyone if they were to follow their heart. Her mantra is "radiate positive energy into the Universe and allow it to return to you as blessings." Her goal is to enlighten and uplift; to inspire individualism, self-love and artful expression.

Brittany wears many hats: wardrobe stylist, creative director, photographer and, of course, writer (just to name a few). A Jill of All Trades, some would call her - she is resistant to any opinion that tries to limit her ability to be creatively expressive. Known as a lofty dreamer and typical Sagittarius, she is always pondering on her next adventure. This Philadelphia native recently took a leap of faith that landed her in Los Angeles, California. As she takes on this new and exciting odyssey, she's looking to learn, grow, and prosper so that she can share her story to inspire others. All in hopes to catalyze a movement towards a generation that accepts us all as we are.