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'93 Visual Lookbook

The 90s: penny candy, Tommy Hilfiger, beepers, Doug, and Gigapets. Feeling nostalgic yet? You should. Sometimes I sit and reminisce about the era that made me and suddenly have the desire to revisit my childhood. The music, the TV shows, the fads, and most importantly the fashion made us “90s babies” who we are today. More and more, we’re finding styles from the era in fashion week and on the racks at our favorite shops. The 90s hasn’t been this big since, well, the 90s. We’re seeing jelly sandals, overalls, and flannel print everywhere! But those aren’t the only trends making a comeback—bubble bookbacks, denim on denim, and scrunchies are also in revival.

This visual lookbook revisits a normal day in the life of a 90s kid, highlighting the trends of the era as style inspiration for mixing the old with the new. Some of the biggest influences for these looks include Aaliyah, the Spice Girls, the Clueless crew, and TLC, and if you ask me, they were some of the best to do it!

The 90s are back in a major way. But honestly, I’m still waiting on a few throwback trends to resurface, like figure-8 earrings and GUESS jean sets :) What were your favorite trends of the 90s? Comment below!
Fall Transition

Fall Transition